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Project Manager

Project Manager



Zone of Genius

Simplification and ease is my middle name! I can take the project at hand and task it out into the most simple, path-of-least-resistance breakdown possible for maximum efficiency, speed, and detail.


Executive Assistant

Work Modes:

My Kolbe-A says I'm highly dependable at providing comprehensive methods for monitoring activity. Others can count on me to plan thoroughly, coordinate details, and be pragmatic in the use of diagrams and schedules you create.

6 Fact Finder
8 Follow Thru
3 Quick Start
3 Implementor

A Bit About


White-glove client experience is the gold standard! Everything we do with clients from a simple email to a high level project is put through the lens of "what is the best possible product we can put in front of this client." We are your partner and will love on your business as if it's our own!

When I'm not working as the right-hand inside companies, you can find me going on adventures with my husband, Ben, our 6-year-old daughter, Amelia, and our fluffy little pup, Penelope. We love exploring new outdoor trails, going on beach vacations, and spending time with the 15(!!!) other family members who all live within 30 minutes of our home!

Experience + Platforms

Preferred Platforms
*These are platforms we LOVE, not an exhaustive list of the platforms we know


Google Workspace




Click Funnels


Bachelor of Science in Business Management from The University of Mary Washington

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