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I'm Jessica Pegg. I am the owner of Jessica Pegg Operations Management and I'm the Chief Operations Officer here.

I live in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada and I lead an entirely virtual team in supporting a variety of female owned + lead businesses. 

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My Story

I created this amazing team of women who have the same vision and goal that I had when I first started out- help and support women.

Through each business I have started (there's been a few!) I have always held the vision that I want to help women create a better world. Now that I've realized that I was always meant to be in operations- the vision is more clear- Help more women and gender non-conforming business owners become millionaires.

Let's face it, the world is shifting, but there's still a patriarchal approach to business which undermines that flow and ease with which women typically prefer to work. My team and I are here to support you in your zone of genius- we'll take care of the structure and the processes so you can take care of the vision and the impact.

If you ever feel like- "Things aren't moving fast enough!" or "Why does this feel hard?", then this is your opportunity to take responsibility and change the path that you are on. It's time to BE who you envision so you can HAVE what you prefer and you do that by behaving (be+ have) like the CEO you desire to be. Be her NOW and the rest will come.

How We Work

It's our mission to help you fully step into the CEO seat, remove yourself from day to day working IN the business, and build a growing and flourishing business-- with ease.

It's important that you know our core values so you'll know what it will be like to work with our team.

  • We value rest. Hustle culture has no place here. We always seek to support building a business that values your time and freedom goals- our first priority is your wellbeing. The more you rest, the more you make.

  • We believe money creates opportunity. Our goal is to help you create abundance for yourself, your team, and the clients that you serve. The more we all have, the more we can create opportunity in our communities. This is how that world changes and improves.

  • We create ease + flow. We want business ownership to be easy. When things feels hard, we stop and ask "How can this be easy?". Our team is focused on creating an amazing client experience and ensuring that we support you in an easy and sustainable way- and we expect you to pass this along to the clients you serve.

Our Team.

These are the people that support and encourage the CEOs we work with.

Our team is entirely virtual, from a variety of backgrounds, and works together on each project. With JPOM you're not getting one expert, you're getting a team of experts to support you on your journey to become the business owner your envision.



Owner + Chief Operations Officer



Administrative + Technical Support



Chief of Staff + Online Business Manager



Executive Assistant

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