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Project Manager

Project Manager



Zone of Genius

I am resourceful, and quick to find different ways to approach a task. This makes roadblocks and confusion minimal for me. For this reason, I often find myself being the go-to person for chaotic and complex tasks.


Administrative + Technical Support

Work Modes:

My Kolbe -A says that I am fantastic at making comparisons, documenting information, and defining priorities. I can be counted on to research in detail, become an expert in areas of special interest, and make strategic decisions.

7 Fact Finder
4 Follow Thru
5 Quick Start
4 Implementor

A Bit About


My core values are creativity, positivity, awareness, and growth. These values deeply shape my approach to my working relationships with clients. I often dedicate my time outside of work to figuring out systems and tools that can increase my confidence and efficiency on the job because I am so driven by results. Being empathetic about the clients I support helps me understand their workflows down to the tiniest detail so that I can help them stay on top of their game.

I live for happy weekends on the beach, overeating, dancing offbeat, gathering sea shells, and finding unique stones. I love cooking for my loved ones (my husband, especially; he's an enthusiastic eater!), spending family time with my siblings, and laughing too loudly until my cheeks and belly hurt! I enjoy reading books—far too much, but I'd usually rather opt for a movie. Imagine settling for the written form of Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story!

Experience + Platforms

Preferred Platforms
*These are platforms we LOVE, not an exhaustive list of the platforms we know


Google Workspace








Google Project Management Certification

IBM Foundations of IT Project Management

ALX Virtual Assistant Training

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