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Project Manager

Project Manager



Zone of Genius

When someone shares a goal, I can see the start, middle and end before most can understand the obstacle.


Owner + Chief Operations Officer

Work Modes:

My Kolbe -A says: I prefer to get started quickly and I don’t need a lot of detail to get things going. I complete projects promptly and can give a visual representation of the work that is being done or the final outcomes.

3 Fact Finder
7 Follow through
6 Quick Start
3 Implementor

In Clifton Strengths I’m known to lead with Influencing and Strategic Thinking themes
1. Strategic
2. Communication
3. Activator
4. Maximizer
5. Futuristic

A Bit About


First things first- I really dislike being called Jess! Now that we have that out of the way... I love working from the future and setting goals that you have no idea how to get to but feel really excited about! I work with universal laws and I bring that into my work with my team (and therefore my clients!) to ensure everyone is using all the tools available to reach the goals and outcomes we desire.

I have 2 kids and 2 dogs. I live in my “dream house” that my wife and I bought and renovated from a different province during covid! My mom lives in an apartment suite in our basement and we live only 1.5km from my wife's parents– we love having family close by!

Experience + Platforms

Preferred Platforms
*These are platforms we LOVE, not an exhaustive list of the platforms we know









Managed multiple teams from non-profit to banking

Created, implemented and leveraged systems and processes in traditional businesses as well as online businesses

Certified Online Business Manager

Wix Partner

Health Coach Certification

Life Coach Certification

Canfitpro Personal Trainer

Registered Financial Planner (expired)

Branch Compliance Officer (expired)

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