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Project Manager

Project Manager



Zone of Genius

I am a connector in all senses of the word. Whether its people, process, scope, or technology I am able to quickly assess situations and see a path for moving forward toward the solution.


Chief of Staff + Online Business Manager

Work Modes:

My Kolbe-A suggests that I am methodical and thorough in my problem-solving approach, preferring to gather information and analyze it before taking action. I have a balanced approach to risk and innovation and value flexibility in my work style.

8 Fact Finder
4 Follow Thru
5 Quick Start
4 Implementor

A Bit About


I care deeply about my clients and their businesses.  Sometimes that means being supportive, sometimes that means challenging the status quo,  and sometimes it means rolling up my sleeves and sitting side by side with my clients no matter the situation that is unfolding.

I live just north of Boston, a short distance from the beach and the mountains. I couldn't be more grateful for this season of my life as I enjoy my family and take on new hobbies including gardening and trying new physical activities.

Experience + Platforms

Preferred Platforms
*These are platforms we LOVE, not an exhaustive list of the platforms we know


Office: Google Suite

Project Management: ClickUp and Asana

OBM Certification

PMP (Project Management Professional)

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