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Welcome to JPOM

Are you the CEO...
or the Me-EO?
  • You’re working all the time

  • You want to grow but something’s not working  

  • You’re so focused on the day-to-day, you can’t find time for the bigger picture

  • You feel like nothing will get done if you don’t handle it yourself

  • You need to hire people but don’t know where to start

  • Your processes live in your head, not with your team

JPOM was created by Jessica Pegg, a queer mom of 2, an entrepreneur and strategist, with over a decade of management and operations experience. At JPOM, we support women-led organizations with the strategies and systems they need to grow with ease and efficiency.

We give women, trans, queer, and other under represented and underserved genders the tools they need to run it right—to stop working IN their businesses and start working ON them. Look, there wasn't a lot mentorship or support for queer people when Jessica started her online business journey, and we want YOU and to get the support and systems you need to bring your businesses into the light.
The JPOM Team will run it right

We work with you to create a solid plan, put it into motion, and monitor the process so you can get the results you want. ​​​

Evaluating the metrics of your business, including SOPs, email flows, staffing, budgets, and more

Bringing processes out of your head so your team knows what you want and when you want it


Finding the right people to help you grow


Helping you clearly define roles and responsibilities


Setting goals that will actually transform your bottom line


Reviewing the systems you have in place and making them work harder for you

We'll do all this in a way that’s true to you and your business


Running it right is the key to vacations, weekends off, time with your kids, and knowing that your business will stand on its own when you step away.


I needed help with improving my email deliverability. Jessica was able show me how to make some changes in my email account, that would have taken me a couple of hours to research and figure out on my own. She was really knowledgeable and efficient! I will definitely work with her again.

- Lauren, Online Coach

Ready to get shit done?

We like what people say behind our backs...

"[JPOM] is a huge part of the team! They keep us on track and focused on the goal ahead. They're intuitive and don't wait around for direction- they show up to each meeting ready to go with next steps waiting."

Tia S., Parenting Coaching

Our team is awesomesauce.

Our team is entirely virtual, from a variety of backgrounds, and works together on each project. With JPOM you're not getting one expert, you're getting a team of experts to support you on your journey to become the business owner your envision.

Tired of the same boring advice?

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