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Get To Know Jessica

Jessica Pegg is a Certified Life and Health Coach, Certified Prenatal & Postpartum Coach, and Personal Training Specialist. She’s also a mom of two!


Whatever you’re going through, Jessica can empathize with your experience.

Jessica Pegg
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This is my story:

It was 3am and I was trying to cry silently while I was nursing my 3 month old. I was crying because I felt like a total failure. I had tried so hard to fit into my summer clothes and it wasn’t going to happen this year.  Looking back, I can see how ridiculous my expectations were and that what I wanted was totally unrealistic for where I was in that moment.


I remember this night because I had just finished a 6 week challenge that I paid a lot of money to participate in and I had failed at achieving results and wouldn’t be getting my money back.


I had gotten up 5 days a week for 6 weeks and headed to the gym at 5am. I would nurse the baby and then change into gym clothes and off I went. Before my spouse had to leave for work, I was back, making breakfasts and changing diapers. I had basically eaten nothing other than chicken and veg for those 6 weeks. I was irritable, tired, and frustrated that the results weren’t coming.


I was worried that I would put in all the time, the effort, the literal tears, for nothing, and that’s exactly what had happened. I was ashamed that I couldn’t do it, that everyone else was able to make the process work for them and I was too weak to be a good mom.  I couldn’t be the only one who was frustrated by this expectation to be and do everything.


I knew in my heart that those bootcamps and challenges were not designed for where I was at that time. I had a 3 month old AND a barely 2 year old. My hormones were all over the place, I was sleeping in 3 hour intervals (on a good night). I was learning how to juggle a toddler and an infant.


In that moment of crying and feeling sorry for myself, I made it my mission to share what I’ve learned so no one needs to feel soooo guilty and ashamed that they end up sitting in the dark trying not to wake the kids as they cry.

“My Health Coaching sessions with Jessica brought me new insights into the why behind some of the lifelong habits I have developed over the years and provided the tools and techniques  I need to change them so they are in sync with my health and lifestyle goals. In each and every one of our weekly session,  Jessica found a way to celebrate my successes, understand my challenges without judgement and guide me to creating my next steps to success. Thanks to Jessica, I have a wealth of valuable tips and techniques and the self-confidence to achieve my health and lifestyle goals. I would recommend Jessica as a Life Coach  to anyone at any stage in their life. You will be amazed at what you learn about yourself and what you are capable of doing!”


- T.L. Jan 2018, private client

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Jessica is a life coach for moms. She empowers women to get moving and living healthy, confident lives – without dieting.


Jessica focuses on movement, growth, and mindful eating. Her no-nonsense approach helps her clients fight parental burn-out, take responsibility and grow into amazing people.

You're amazing and already have the knowledge and tools but it's buried under stress, overwhelm, exhaustion and lack of desire to implement what you know.  That's where Jessica can help!


Be Your Best Self
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Jessica Pegg

Mom, Coach, Owner

Certified Prenatal and Postpartum Coach, Girls Gone Strong

Personal Training Specialist, Canfitpro

Certified Health Coach, Health Coach Institute

Certified Life Coach, Health Coach Institute

Bachelor’s of Human Ecology, Family Violence and Conflict Resolution, University of Manitoba

I spent the first two years of motherhood hoping that one morning, I’d wake up and feel good about myself. I needed to know that I could have a life outside of being “just a mom."


Yes, I still wanted to keep up with my kids, jog alongside their first attempt at a “big kid bike”, and challenge them to jump higher, run faster, and laugh harder. 


But what I really wanted, more than those things, was to be the best version of myself.


That means putting myself first.


After having kids, I just couldn’t seem to find the time, energy, or motivation to do anything. I sat on the couch watching TV shows that I didn’t even enjoy anymore, drinking too much wine and eating all the snacks.


Why did I feel so burnt out when I felt like I had accomplished nothing in the day?


Who could I trust to guide me through finding myself again, when my priorities had shifted so much?

All these questions led me to where I am today.


I teach tired, drained, overwhelmed and de-motivated moms to build confidence and self-worth through mindset, movement and nutrition.


I don’t give out diets or meal plans because I don’t want to add more mental load to your life -- and honestly -- that’s NOT what you need to finally love who you are.

I want to support and guide moms who want to better themselves.


Most importantly, I help moms feel more motivated, present and happy when hanging out with their spouse, kids and family!

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Tools For Healthy Living

On my blog, you’ll find resources on mental health, physical health, and staying motivated.


Beat negative self-talk, get the facts on healthy eating, and start feeling confident in your own skin.



Successful Client Results


Shift Your Mindset

What is a Health Coach?

A 2008 study conducted by the City University Center for Coaching in London defines health coaching as “The practice of health education and health promotion within a coaching context, to enhance the well-being of individuals and to facilitate the achievement of their health-related goals.”

What is the "point" of a Health Coach?

As concerns grow globally regarding rising levels of obesity and chronic diseases related to poor nutrition, the help of health coaches seems to be needed more than ever. Health coaches — who have similar roles to dietitians (RDs) and nutritionists, but with some very important differences — are valuable because they are said to help fill a void in the current healthcare system.

Doctors and nurses often aren’t comfortable offering their patients diet-related advice or helping them with behavioral change, and many report that they don’t have enough time during office visits to devote to diet-related concerns. This is where health coaches come in: They offer their clients an opportunity to talk through obstacles, accountability and practical advice about how to plan and prepare healthy meals. Some studies have found that care-management programs that include health coaching can help reduce medical costs, hospitalizations and many symptoms associated with lifestyle habits.

How are you qualified to be a Coach?

Not only have I actually coached many volunteers, students and employees through the course of my career, I also have a Bachelor of Human Ecology from the University of Manitoba. I studied Family Social Sciences as well as Family Violence and Conflict Resolution. These topics made me hyper aware of the everyday stressors that can present in our lives and how those things impact our day to day relationships--- often times without us even knowing that it's happening!

I've also completed my Personal Training Specialist certification with CanFitPro. I also hold a certificate of Prenatal and Postpartum Program Design through CanFitPro.

I decided to further my knowledge and expertise with an additional accreditation with Girls Gone Strong and am a certified Prenatal and Postpartum Coach.

I am certified through the Health Coach Institute, a program that is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF), the only globally recognized, independent credentialing program for coach practitioners, via their CCE program (Continuing Coach Education).

The ICF is a non-profit, professional organization. Its mission is to build, support and preserve the integrity of the coaching profession.

Why do I need a prenatal and postpartum specific program?

Whether this is your first pregnancy or your last one (or both!) your body undergoes many changes, physically, mentally, hormonally. These changes cannot be ignored if you want to enjoy your training program in pregnancy.

In the postpartum period, you will need additional support to maintain the routines and goals you had planned for yourself. By having someone trained and experienced in this area, you'll be in compassionate and capable hands.

Can I talk to you about which program is right for me?

Absolutely! You can do so by emailing me directly so we can figure out your best, next step!

I still have questions!

If you'd like to find a time that works- you can email me, and I'll get in touch with you directly to coordinate a time!

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"The health coaching sessions with Jessica have helped me to change the way I think about eating, to gain confidence in my body and realize that I'm capable of more than I ever thought possible.


She introduces a new idea for you to consider and reflect upon every week. When she checks in with you the following week you can be honest without worrying that she will "guilt" you for the choices you have made - quite the opposite, she helps you to not feel guilty and understand why you made the choices you did.


Everything is explained clearly and followed up to make sure that you understand and have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. The sessions are a great conversation where you can laugh and enjoy the process.


Moving forward I am encouraged to focus on new goals and am excited to see where this will lead me. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who is ready to make a change in their life, regardless of where they are in the journey."

K.H., Dec 2017

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