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Health for moms

3 Secrets to Breaking Up With Your Postpartum Diet

and Transforming Your Body

Come learn the 3 secrets that I used to break up with my postpartum diet and transform my body (and my relationship with myself). This FREE web class will be about 45 minutes long and give you the clarity you need to move forward with finally loving your after baby body.

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Learn How To Move Safely Postpartum And Beyond

In This 5 Episode Mini Series

✔ Are you wondering what exercises are safe in pregnancy?

✔ Curious about how to recover from labor and delivery?

✔ Hating what you see in the mirror after having a baby?

✔ Terrified you'll never run, jump, or sneeze ever again without some pee coming out?


Each 45 min episode of this series will offer you actual exercise and mindset shifts you can apply immediately to start seeing change and feeling better