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Your business is going to the next level- but are you ready to take it there?

Moving your business online or managing a growing online business can feel daunting- especially when "tech isn't your thing". That's exactly why I created the Emerging Online Business Support Desk.

Tech set up and maintenance isn't for everyone. Maybe you had a great coach who set you up and give you all the tools to attract the right clients and have the right offerings... but did they teach you how to scale the technology? Probably not.

Look- I've been there! I had the coach and tech set up for me and website design and I thought I was ready to conquer the online health biz world! Buuuut I quickly realized that I would need to learn how to run the behind the scenes "stuff" really well and really fast if I wanted to maintain the growth I was seeing.

I've got different options to help you find your way- because I also know that sometimes you just have a quick question and a (likely) simple answer if we could get figure out how to "google it" the right way. I also know that sometimes you just don't want to do it yourself- you're the face of your business- you don't want to (or have time to) build a funnel or make sure the tags are set up properly.

Discover Your Online Business

Use this quick, 20min call to review what you want your online business to look like and get some actionable steps to start bringing that into reality

Clarify The Solution

Spend 1 hour reviewing a tech process that gets you tangled. I'll help you understand the process and gain clarity on how to use the automation, funnel, tagging (or whatever) and get you working with ease.

Have a one- off job?

Use this quick, 20min call to review what you need done and get a quote for the specific job. Ideal for clients who have already done some work with me and know exactly what they need built.

Tweek Your Process

In 20min or less we'll review one tech area you're stuck on and correct it or get you set on the right path. This call is recorded to you can download and re-watch later if you need to.

Emerging Online Business-- Coaching & Support Package

You've realized that there will always be a "tech thing" you need to learn in order to move forward and frankly- you didn't sign up for this. Leverage a monthly package to get 2 calls with me to review the month, discuss upcoming strategies and get all the "tech stuff" set up and ready to go. This package comes with 2x 30min calls with me AND 1 tech support project each month that I take off your plate.

What Clients Say

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Lauren Mayhew

Online Coach

On Her Laptop

I needed help with improving my email deliverability, so I scheduled a 20-minute session with Jessica. She was able show me how to make some changes in my email account, that would have taken me a couple of hours to research and figure out on my own. She was really knowledgeable and efficient! I will definitely work with her again.

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