Create time and space for yourself.

Like the idea of running but haven't been able to actually do the running?


Maybe you have this vision of yourself running a 5k race? Or maybe you're just thinking of running alongside your kids as they ride their bikes? You might be thinking of being able to catch a child that tends to runaway?!?!


Maybe you've tried and quit. Maybe you've never tried because you don't know where to start or because you're scared it'll be another thing you failed at.


Well Mama- this is for you. Slow easy progression towards running for 20+minutes. Learn to set yourself up for success and address the mindset that tends to stop you in your tracks.


Through out this running program you'll get a short audio clip to address your mindset and keep you going even when life seems to be getting in the way.


The program itself has easy progressions each week and strength training to get you started on the right foot.


Each week, new information is released so you don't get overwhelmed looking ahead.