Heal and trust your body again.

Preggo to Postpartum is for new and expecting moms who are 35 weeks pregnant to 6 months postpartum, and the community to support moms like you!


It can be hard to know how to move safely when you’ve just had a baby! Let me guide you through moving your body again. This includes complete rehabilitation of the core and pelvic floor postpartum, as well as self-care exercises. The program also includes access to the members-only site, The Community.


Unlike other “mommy workouts” that focus on weight loss, we focus on healing and trusting your body again.


We aren’t weighing in – we’re helping you get back to the physical readiness that motherhood requires.


I’ll help you get back to your favorite high intensity activities safely and with confidence.


With easy to implement actionable steps to keep you focused on improving your health in a way that supports and guides moms with infants.


To regain the trust you once had in your  strength and abilities you’re going to need;

  • Movements and exercises that you can do the day after you deliver to help aid healing and recovery

  • Tips and strategies on what to eat to support your healing and provide you much needed energy

  • Strategies to keep you in a good frame of mind and feeling supported when you’ve only slept for 4 hours in the past 2 days and you think you’re losing your mind

  • A community of other moms going through the same thing as you so you don’t feel so isolated and alone

All of this and more is available to you with Preggo to Postpartum.