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Choose your pricing plan

  • Best Value

    Start It Right- 6 Months

    Every month
    Perfect for those who want to "Do It Yourself"
    Valid for 6 months
  • Start It Right- 12 Months

    Every month
    Perfect for those who want to "Do It Yourself"
    Valid for 12 months
  • Plan It Right- 6 months

    Every month
    Let us "Do It With You" and support you and your team
    Valid for 6 months
  • Mini Courses

    Every month
    +CA$75 Membership Fee
    Perfect if you have a team but need the tech tutorials to get shit done.
    Valid for 3 months

What is The Membership?

Weekly Office Hours

Each week come to a video call with Jessica Pegg, Chief Operations Officer and Founder of JPOM. These calls are invaluable to learn how to overcome a variety of blocks from mindset, to tech challenges, to planning out the next most important step for your business. These calls also allow you to interact with other members, get valuable insights and feel understood. The women in these calls aren't "like-minded" they're GROWTH minded.

Mini Courses

Each course we create is specific to an area that clients ask about often, these "mini" courses are designed to get you moving when you feel stuck. They come with a video overview from Jessica Pegg, as well as SOPs, templates, and work instructions so you can immediately apply the steps and strategies

Virtual Workshops

Through out the year, JPOM will occasionally bring in experts to speak on current topics that the membership is asking for. You will get front of the line access to these limited seat events as well as a discount just for being a member.

Quarterly Planning Workshop

Free access to any in person and/or virtual workshops presented by JPOM. This will always include our quarterly planning workshops to get clear on the 3 months ahead so you are in active action taking mode!

Additional Expert Office Hours

Get time with our Project Leads, Operations Assistant and other members of our team on a variety of topics through out the month. These extra Office Hours will allow you to learn and ask questions a specific platforms and strategies to help your business grow. No more googling random platforms and searching though reviews- ask our experts and get advice from those who have "been there- done that".

Ready to Start It Right? Click HERE for pricing plans.

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