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Are you the CEO...
or the Me-EO?

You are so over being in your own way and wasting energy on things that don't matter -- like what course platform to use.

You're up at night brainstorming offers and strategy and are ready to just have it locked in, feeling 100% right and ready to go implement 

You've drawn a line in the sand... there WON'T be another year that goes by without you taking that dream vacation 

You are spending time (and money) on tasks that are NOT CEO level shit but when you think about hiring someone you're feel confused on what to hire them FOR​

It's time to
Plan It Right

  • Get crystal clear using One on One strategy sessions with JPOM experts each month

  • VETTED experts to implement the plans that feel out of reach so you're not overwhelmed with hiring "the right person"

  • JPOM project management tools so you can develop leadership skills WHILE you build your business

  • Engage your current team in planning by allowing them to send off tasks that are NOT their area of expertise

You'll be executing at such a high level- having the right person to the right task and the right time... you will ACTUALLY live the life you always saw when you started this adventure.

What is in the 
Plan It Right Membership?

Everything From Run It Right:

  • Weekly Office Hours

  • Mini Courses

  • Virtual Workshops

  • Quarterly Planning Workshop

  • Additional Expert Office Hours

With MORE...

2 Hours each month To Co-Create

Access our Project Leads every month to co-create the business you want! Our team of Certified Online Business Managers will help support your vision by creating structure and attainable steps so you are moving forward every single month. No more spinning your wheels feeling lost. No more distraction by the "next big thing" these women will hold you accountable to yourself and help you collapse time.

8 Hours Of Implementation

Hiring "the right people" to help you is one of the hardest parts about growing a team. Before you jump into the deep end and start to feel overwhelmed, leverage the JPOM experts and have our Creative, Tech and Admin teams take specific tasks of your hands. Let an expert take on the things that feel hard for you!

JPOM Project Management Tool

Let us guide you on how to support and lead a team with the power of project management. with Plan It Right you'll be able to access our Project Management (PM) tool and see in real time what the team is working on and how long it is taking. This will allow you to start understanding timelines and the dynamics of working with contractors, without the stress of managing the full project.

Discounts on Intensives

We get it- sometimes 4 hours a month is not enough to move the needle, especially if you're a one woman show! This is why we offer discounted Intensives to our Plant It Right members! Intensives are a focused time to meet with a project lead for 2 intervals of 2 or 4 hours to get crystal clear on what needs to happen and when. This is the perfect addition if you're doing a launch and want to create a specific launch plan OR if you're ready to hire and want to create the best onboarding and training process ever!

The Run It Right membership is created for you...

  • Run It Right

    Every month
    +CA$2,111 Business Audit + Onboarding
    Valid for 4 months
    • 1 Month to get Set Up + Monthly Support
    • Weekly office hours with Jessica Pegg herself!
    • All Courses- New and Current
    • Free access to virtual workshops
    • Additional Office Hour Calls with JPOM experts
    • 1:1 Quarterly Planning with Project lead
    • 2x 1 hour each month with a project lead to co-create plans
    • 8 hours each month for JPOM team implementation
    • Access to JPOM project management tool
    • 15% off Intensive Session Bookings

From Natalie R. 

Jessica not only helped me translate my big vision into a step by step action plan but [she] provided the "been there done that" wisdom and (in a critical moment) emotional support to help me see the vision through!

How JPOM Is Different



You set the goals

You know what you want and what you need. 

Come to the set weekly Office Hours and ask questions- get clear guidance on what step to take next.

Leverage our Quarterly Planning Meetings to set clear targets each month.

Get first access to any new courses we create while you're a member.

Pick and choose the courses and calls that mean the most to you right now and then TAKE ACTION.


We guide + support

Our team is here to support YOU and your growth.

Leverage our expert calls and quarterly planning workshops to get clear goals and feedback for refocusing.

Set yourself up in Plan It Right via 1:1 planning calls with JPOM Project Leads and support with key tasks from JPOM implementers.

Our goal is to help you create the business you desire, we aren't trying to force you into a business that is easy for us.


You take what serves

Choose how you learn best.

With mini-courses on creating a funnel, developing a lead magnet, creating course content, setting up a proposal automation and so many more- you can pick and choose the courses that make sense for your business.

We're always adding to our courses, so you'll be able to develop new skills each month if that's what feels good to you!

Our Courses

The ONLY way to get access to these courses is to be in the membership.
Each course is valued at $600 as a stand-alone

Create a freebie

First Funnel


Develop a booking process

Booking Calendar Flow


Make it easy to get paid

From Proposal to Paid

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