As a mom myself I understand how overwhelming it can be to do a web search and find 1,000 competing offers and conflicting advice about your health. I don't want you to spend hours searching for the right solution- I've got your back!

Use these resources to get started on your journey to living happily and confidently as a mom.

What to know about exercise in Pregnancy

What do you need to know about starting a workout routine in pregnancy? Grab this guide to fitness for pregnant people!

After The First 6 Weeks

A Get Started Guide for moms who want to return to OR start a fitness routine postpartum

Start putting yourself first

Stat living your best "mom life" by reclaiming your time & energy. Figure out what micro commitments are and how to use them to achieve your goals.

Break up with Diet  The Culture B.S.

Get 4 actionable steps to breaking up with dieting culture bull shit. This guide will support you in leaving food rules behind.